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27. August 2015
Novak Djokovic ranking 1st in the world will compete in 2015 US Open Tennis Championship. Sophisticated design of his tennis wear is collaborated between him and UNIQLO. Collar of polo shirt is quite impressive, blue shirt and white collar, red shirt and black collar, etc. Please click read more to view his tennis wear that his passion is expressed.
26. June 2015
Please click above picture to view more detail or CLICK HERE.
23. June 2015
Novak Djokovic will compete in Wimbledon 2015, the Champions, starting at June 29. UNIQLO Nova Djokoric Wimbelodn model 2015, polol shirt and short pants will be online sale at June 26th, UNIQLO has been selling his model of major tournament, Australian Open, US Open, and French Open to public, except Wimbledon. This is the first time that UNIQLO sells Wimbledon model of Nova Djokovic.
26. May 2015
UNIQLO Novak Djokovic 2015 French Open Model
Novak Djokovic competes in 2015 French Open, Roland Garros. UNIQLO Novak Djokovic 2015 French Open model, polol, short pants, track jacket, track pants, cap, and wrist band are now available. Please click a below link to view the model of UNIQLO Novak Djokovic 2015 French Open, which is also the model that he wore at Monte Carlo and Rome Open. CLICK TO VIEW UNIQLO NOVAK DJOKOVIC 2015 FRENCH OPEN MODEL
26. April 2015
Novak Djokovic, holding 1st ranking in the world, will compete in 2015 French Open, Roland Garros, starting at May 19th. Design concept of his tennis wear is "Invisible", same concept as the last Australian Open. Red ocher is designed on his wear, realizing the concept on a field of Roland Carros. In contrast, black stands for his strength. UNIQLO Novak Djokovic 2015 French Open model starts online sales at May 26th. (At May 5th sales date is rescheduled from May 20th to May 26th. ) Please...
19. January 2015
UNIQLO Novak Djokovic 2015 Australian Open Model
Novak Djokovic ranked No.1 in the world competes in Australian Open starting at Jan 19 in Melbourne Australia. UNIQLO Novak Djokovic 2015 Australian Open Model is now online sales. Design concept of the model is "Invisible" featuring blue color that matches to a color of a hard court of Australian Open.Gradation stripe of collar is another feature of the model. Please click a left picture to view more details.
21. December 2014
Australian Open 2015 will begin at January 19th in Melbourne. Tennis wear of Novak Djokovic model and Kei Nishikori model, licensed to UNIQLO wear, will be on sale at the same day. Please visit us to get limited model.