GUNZE SABRINA Warm Tight 40 denier

Material: Nylon, Polyurethane


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[be warm and beautiful]


40 Denier Sheer Tights

Sheer tights that are thin yet warm and can be used throughout the fall and winter.


- Development of new microfiber SCY

Smooth wearing like plating.

The bundles of thinner threads make the texture smooth and soft with less unevenness.

- Wide waist stretch design

SCY Zokki specification makes it flat and soft.

Gentle to the skin and not too tight, so comfortable to wear all day long.

○ Panty part: Slip resistant and warm solid design

Three-Dimensional design to reduce "misalignment" which is stress in wearing tights

Panty design that achieves both "warmth" and "Fit"


S-M: Hip 80-93cm (31.49-36.61 inch)  height 145-160cm (4.75-5.24 feet)

M-L: Hip 85-98cm  (33.46- 38.58 inch) height 150-165cm (4.92-5.41 feet)

L-LL: Hip 90-103  (35.43- 40.55 inch) height 155-170cm (5.08-5.57 feet)