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24 March 2013



Ai Nakamura



Hakusan 1-2-44 101


Ibaraki, Japan


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Greeting from Boutique Marron

Thank you for visiting Boutique Marron. 


Shop title, Marron, is originated in my maiden name and also my favorite confection, a maron glace. I wish that Boutique Marron becomes lovely apparel and accessories online shop as its shop title. 


I like oversea apparel and accessories though, it is hard for me to purchase them often because of high price and limited line-up in Japan.

From this experience, I assumed that the feeling may be the same to fans of Japanese apparel and accessories in oversea. That is why I launched Japanese apparel and accessories online shop to the world.  


Day by day, we dedicate to improve our selections of Japanese apparel and accessories to fit customer's favor in the world. We send high quality and 100% authentic items securely and reliably to our dear customers in the world. 


Should you have any request or opinion, you are more than welcome to contact us at anytime. 


Thank you very much for reading. 

AI-Trade: Ai Nakamura