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04. October 2015
Dear Fans of Laduree New Laduree Key Chain, Marquise, 2015 Limited Model is released yesterday and today we stocked some of the limited key chains. Like other Laduree key chains, macaroon, Eiffel tower are accessory although, pompon, notable feature of the limited key chain is accessory. As you see, design on box is also quite distinguished from other Laduree key chains. Please click a picture to view the new limited Laduree key chain.
14. August 2015
Feature of new Laduree bag is apple motif bag, which has never appeared on a variety of Laduree bag such as key chain, stationary, handkerchief, etc. The apple is colored vivid red providing different outlook from other Laduree bag as you see. Another fature of the new Laduree bag is Arabesque motif on green and black bag with Laduree symbol. It also impresses differently. Please click above picture to view more details.
04. May 2015
Cute and luxury Laduree notebook is now online sale. It is good for a present or your Laduree collection. It also comes with a cute Laduree bookmark. There are 11 notebooks. Please click left and right arrow to view all new Laduree notebook and click a picture to view more details.
02. May 2015
Premium Ladurre collection, Laduree Erase, is now online sale at Boutique Marron. Erase looks like macaroon fitting in cardboard box. Laduree erase is popular item for fans and it was sold out long ago. Now it backs for fans. There are three color variations, Cassis Violet, Pistachio Green, and Rose. Please click a picture to view more details.
01. May 2015
Laduree Gift Box
Laduree gift box is best for a present wrapping of Laduree item and also for a Laduree art in a room or for a little treasury box. It is made of cardboard with design of Laduree. There are square box type and cylinder box type in the collection. Please click read more to view all of Laduree gift boxes.
30. April 2015
Laduree Letter Set
Laduree letter set are 20 letter papers, 10 envelops, and a sticker in a box, miniature of Laduree shop. It is a selective collection for Laduree fan. There are other types of Laduree letter set, especially one with Hello Kitty is also popular in Japan. Please click read more to view all other Laduree letter sets.
09. April 2015
Laduree Umbrella
Laduree umbrella is now back to our stock. From the first release of Laduree umbrella at Feb 8th 2015, it has been lack of stock for over 2 months because of its popularity. We restocked it today. "Romantic Laduree umbrella bringing happiness" Laduree symbolic design such as Parisienne, Macaron, etc on the umbrella seems actually bringing happiness on rainy days as declared in a slogan. Please click "read more" to view restocked Laduree umbrella.

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