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20. May 2015
Aape By A Bathing Ape is a collection of more casual wears of A Bathing Ape, started in June 2012. New arrivals of Aape today are Tee and short pants of 2015 Spring / Summer collection. There are sizes from S to XXL and more color variations of each Tee and Short Pants shown above picture. Please click the picture to view more details.
02. January 2015
Hello Kitty collaborates with A Bathing Ape Milo once again. Kitty, born at Nov 11th 1974 according to a public record of Sanrio, has been loved for ages in Japan. Assuming she was born in London, her height is as tall as five apples grown in London, and her weight is as heavy as three apples, again grown in London. I do not know how big or small apple grown in London is. It is probably the same size apple I eat in Japan. More interestingly all assumption is in London where is a city that...