The Adventure of TINTIN x UNIQLO

The adventure of TINTIN is a long lasting polular cartoon created by Belgian cartoonis, Herge, firstly published in 1929. 

Main character, a journalist Tintin, adventures the world with his dog, Snowy and his friend, captain Haddock. 

They face the hardship in the adventure and overcome with courage, wisdom and cooperation, that is the core of the cartoon and reason that everyone loves the story throughout the ages.  In 2011, the adventure of TINTIN was reborn as the movie directed by Steven Spielberg. In Japan, TINTIN is widely read by kids and supported by their parents as a good educational textbook. 

TINTIN collaborates with UNIQLO in 2015 summer collection. Character and impressive scenery of the story are printed on UNIQLO Men and Women T-shirts. 

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